Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to the blog Culture and Human Rights. This blog will cover topical issues relating to culture, traditional values, human rights and international criminal justice. We hope to discuss current and controversial issues relating to and intertwined with these topics. Discussing these issues and their relationships to and with each other, we believe, will enhance a better understanding of the cross-cultural dilemmas which can sometimes cause misunderstanding and mistrust between individuals from different cultures. Our goal is to better understand tradition and cultures and try to find a way to promote the human rights and diffuse certain entrenched views we might hold of each other. A further aim we hope to achieve is the promotion of the rule of law and international justice through the dissemination of reliable information to our readers. Culture and Human Rights will create a forum where individuals can identify important issues and challenges, test new theories, develop their own points of view and draw attention to important topics.

Posted by Ingrid Roestenburg-Morgan

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